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We are entrepreneurs -

and we understand what it takes to translate a great idea into a sustainable business

We think the midwest is the best place to start and build a business.  Not only do we invest in our backyard, but also in companies that are similar to the ones we have built ouselves.

Focused On The Midwest

Leveraging Our Experience

Our partners started businesses, bootstrapped them to scale, and achieved successful exits.  Avocation Investments is where we share our experience and invest in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Advice When You Need It

As advisors and board members we roll up our sleeves and help when needed.  From  making a key connection from our network to helping with special projects, we assist our entrepreneurs where it adds real value - and only when they need it.

Scaling The Business

We invest in companies who have established solutions in market.  Our value is helping entrepreneurs scale a proven business model - not figuring out what it should be.

Paying It Forward

After successfully starting and exiting our own business we are now focused on investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs.  Focusing on the midwest, we look for B2B companies where we can apply both our human and financial capital to springboard them to the next level.  We are Angel investors in early stage technology companies based in Chicago. 

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